Your donations will help us realize our mission of playing a wide and rich repertoire, commissioning new works, creating interesting arrangements of existing works, and using chamber music as a way of both celebrating local community and creating cross-cultural musical connections.

Donations to the Bernal Hill Players will be tax deductible if made through our fiscal sponsor, the San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music, which has non-profit status. To donate online, go to this link and check the box for The Bernal Hill Players.

You can also send a check to the following address:

The Bernal Hill Players
183 Ellsworth St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

The check should be made out to The San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music with The Bernal Hill Players written on the memo line. 

We want to thank the following donors:

Individual donors:

Salvador Acevedo
Barbara Augusta
Carlos Ballesteros
Paige Birdsall and Bernard Harrison
Carla Carpentier
Armando Castellano
Carrie Chan
Caroline Crawford
Colette Crutcher and Mark Roller
Tim Eishens
Juan Pedro Gaffney
Isabel Heredia
Florence Kelley
Eugenia McNaughton
Estela Moreno
Gayle and David Nin Rosenkrantz
James and Julie Safranek
Mark and Barb Safranek
Sarah Safranek and Gary Kelsberg
Michele Schaal
Paul and Linda Sussman

Corporate donors:

Hobnob Inc.

Grants received from the following organizations:

American Composers Forum
Community Music Center
San Francisco Friends of Chamber Music
Zellerbach Family Foundation
W A Gerbode Foundation
Heller Foundation
Hewlett Foundation
San Francisco Foundation
San Francisco Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel tax fund
Shenson Foundation