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The Bernal Hill Players is a gleefully eclectic chamber music ensemble formed in 2008 that plays classical and contemporary chamber music from around the world, as well as newly commissioned pieces by Californian and Mexican composers. They like music with strong local flavors, and their mission is to foster intercultural creative connections between composers, performers, and audiences.

At the core of the ensemble are flutist and singer Martha Rodríguez-Salazar and pianist and arranger Jennifer Peringer. This dynamic duo regularly collaborates with other musicians  to form larger ensembles. Over the years they have worked with clarinetists Leah di Tullio, Karla Avila, Sarah Bonomo and Rachel Condry, with cellists Jessica Ivry, Samsun van Loon, and Jill Brindel, with violists Katrina Wreede and Ron Relic, and with percussionist Chus Alonso. 

For the past seven years the Bernal Hill Players have been working on a commissioning project called “S.F/D.F. Music of Two Cities”, involving asking composers from San Francisco and Mexico City to write music for the ensemble based on the theme of neighborhoods of their cities. The project has resulted in eight newly commissioned pieces for flute, clarinet, piano, and cello, recorded on two CDs called "In and About San Francisco" and “Neighborhoods of Mexico City”. 




"Perhaps most stunning was how seamlessly The Bernal Hill Players played together... I was profoundly grateful that this music was being made in the neighborhood."

-Cy Ashley Webb,

"El cuarteto nos ofreció un concierto de música de cámara latina, interpretada magistralmente. No es necesario comentar acerca de la virtuosidad y el alto nivel profesional de estas artistas. Cada una de ellas domina a la perfección su instrumento y, lo que es más, posee un extraordinario gusto melódico-armónico que adorna sus interpretaciones." 
(The quartet delighted us and offered a chamber music concert of Latin music, performed in a masterful way.  It is not necessary to comment about the virtuosity and high professional level of the artists. Each one of them has mastered their instrument perfectly and possesses an extraordinary melodic-harmonic taste that enhances their performance.) 

-Antonio de Porcel, art critic at Círculo Cultural


Audience Reviews:

“Beautiful tone and personality – loved it!” 

"It was a great first time experience to see live classical music. It inspires me to continue studying and playing classical music”

“This concert introduced me to an area of classical music that was new to me.” 
-Ellen Flanders

“Maravilloso! Me hizo recordar mi cultura y alegrar mi espíritu.” 
(Marvelous! It made me remember my culture and lifted my spirits.) 
-Lucy de la Luz


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